Well, I won’t come here and say that I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl. I wanted to be a mermaid or Belle (From the beauty and the beast). I guess I always was interested in complicating my love life as much as I can, hah? But, I will admit that as a chubby kid I was always fascinated with the pretty, dainty ballerina outfits that the girls had. Sadly I never dared to try it on myself. Now, from a grownup point of view I think that I would have never felt good in it. It just wasn’t me. I like girly, but as I discovered during my struggles to find my own style – I like girly with a twist.

Everyday ballerina outfit for a Plus Size girl

The month of July in France is one of my favorites. Why you ask? It is sales month. Which meant I could go and buy all of the pretty things I wanted – 50%. I had noticed this little, ballerina skirt on the H&M site, so when I saw it was just 9euro I had to have it for my Plus size collection! Talking about a barging here…

Everyday ballerina outfit for a Curvy girl

The moment I saw it, with its pleated, sparkly goodness I could imagine the little, chubby kid inside of me filling with excitement. This time I was not going to disappoint her. But as I said, I needed to add something that would make it look more “me”. I thought that I could combine the skirt with some little lace top, as an obvious choice and go full on ballerina mode. But then I decided to go completely on the other side of the road. I think the jean shirt, makes the outfit more everyday suitable. Also, I really enjoy the contrast of something dark and simple as the shirt, with something light, sparkly and dainty as the skirt. What do you think?

Skirt for a Plus size girl


Skirt: H&M

Shirt: Kiabi (Similar)

Ballerina flats: Kiabi

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