Nuts about Coconuts. This is indeed what I am, because as I was taking a shower today I realized that 90% of my bathroom items consist of this particular aroma. I just love, how fresh and energised it makes me feel. A couple of years back, coconut oil/ milk was something the world was going crazy about, but the truth is that we all had a reason to do so. It is a product with lots of benefits, but for me one of the biggest positives was always – the smell, so it did not comes as a surprise that as soon as I saw this shampoo, conditionar and hair oil I clicked “add to basket” so fast… I had heard lots of good things about OGX and I wanted to try some of their products. The approach of the brand is something I enjoy.  „…аnd we don’t try to make hair look “perfect” because we’d rather make hair look fuller, smoother, straighter, curlier, or bouncier and smell irresistible while we’re at it”. This is part of their politics that I feel is saying a lot about their brand.

Here is the thing. I have a very particular hair routine. Unfortunately I was not blessed with the full, volumes hair that can stand not being washed for five days. So what I have to do is find a very thin line between products that I actually enjoy using and products that would help me clean and improve my hair. When you have an oily hair most of the shampoos and conditionerS, not to mention hair oils will wear your hair down and make it look “meh” pretty quickly. The ones that are meant to deep clean it  are often very harsh and the one that are meant to make it look healthy and smooth just don’t do the cleaning part that well. With OGX though, I did not have that problem. It is fair to say that I alternate between OGX and a deep, cleaning shampoo that will get rid of the buildups but it is working out so far.

The problem with lots of shampoos is that they use oils to improve your hair and that is fine, but at the end of the shower I feel like I still have a greasy hair on my scalp which is so not cool.  What I love about the OGX coconut shampoo and conditioner is that they immediately leave my hair looking silkier, but I still feel like I washed it clean. And it smells amazing for really long time. Something every girl appreciates.

The Coconut milk only adds to the benefits. I use only two squeezed and put it on the ends of my hair. It never tangles when I use this and even though it cannot actually repair damaged hair (nothing can put your split ends back together, girls), the oil does make them look shiny and smooth and this is exactly its purpose. Something to keep in mind is that after using the oil though my hair has trouble being curled, so I use it on day I will not style my hair like this.




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