Let’s get real here. Being kind of obsessed with the world of makeup can be very hard on your bank account and this is the truth. So I like a good bargain as much as the next person. I do not think that a famous name always means quality, which is why I am open to trying new and less expensive brands. This is how I stumbled on BYS – an Australian brand that first appeared in France in 2013. Until now I have never tried their products and last month I thought it is time. I went to the site, just to learn a little more about their branding and I was happy to discover the fact that they are affordable and do not test their products on animals. Since this was going to be my first introduction to the BYS I thought I should go with some of the more famous products they sell and was surprised to see that a lot of them reminded me of existing, well known brands.


I opted for their Palette Contouring Pro. First off, I will start with the packaging. It does look cheap, but it is not horrible, it looks sturdy enough to hold the product and it did come intact from shipping. The Palette consists of blush, highlighter and a bronzer and is on the matte side. Which is not necessary bad – your girl loves a good matte product.  The blush – a lovely coral color. I was impressed with the pigmentation.  As I said, it lacks lots of shimmer, but if you want something subtle and good for everyday it will work for you. The blush is easy to blend too. The bonzer – I was actually surprised by the most. It is a nice shade that does not look like I just had an accident with my fake tan on my cheeks. It is not orange or muddy or just wrong like a lot of bronzers. The highlighter is where I was disappointed. It does not look like one. I like my highlighter to pop, have a shimmer, be seen from space, you know – the usual. But this one just looks more like a setting powder which is a bummer. Also I must say that there was a lot of fall out, which is something I noticed, is very common with the cheaper products and brands.


Next stop – Palette Make-up Artist Nude. I loved the color selection of this palette, it is so me. The shadows are creamy, super pigmented and easy to blend. You have a nice matte base color and some beautiful, shimmery ones. From soft, gentle more everyday shaded to darker, all-out ones. My only problem with the eyeshadows was that they do crease. Maybe if you use eyeshadow primer you won’t have that problem, but I tried it without just to be able to give a more honest opinion. I plan to do a makeup look with the palette soon so stay tuned.


All in all I would say that I am not disappointed with the products. It is not a surprise to me that they do not last as long as the originals, but if you are on a budget it is a good alternative.




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