I have always been a big Sleek lover and today I am here to talk about their liquid matte lipsticks or Matte me – as the brand calls them.  Recently they launched six new shades and I decided to try two of them, plus one more from the old ones (it is such a people’s favorite I just had to)

Since I have started using makeup I was a fan of the matte lipsticks and I am always on the lookout for good, affordable ones. I heard lots of positives reviews about this Sleek product and decided to try it myself. What did I discover?


Packaging – It looks cheap. I know that since the price is pretty low I cannot expect much, but still – the plastic just does not look appealing.
Colors – I really like the color range of the lipsticks. I am a fan of the nuder and darker, purple shades so I was a happy customer. I got Bittersweet, Velvet slipper and one of the most popular colors from the first collection – Birthday suit.


Velvet slipper , BittersweetBirthday suit

Applicators – The applicators are super standard. I should say that they did change the shape of it for the newer ones. The old applicators were flat; the new ones are in an angle.
Application – This is where I was somewhat disappointed. It took me sometime to understand how to correctly apply the lipstick and if you are like me, you just do not want to spend so long thinking about how to do this. The secret? Work fast! Apply one layer and mush your lips, apply a little more if you need to even the color, but try to add as less as possible.
Lasting powers – I would say IF applied correctly the lipstick does stay for couple of hours, but if you use too many layers or decided to reapply it, it flakes and does not look good at all. Also after couple of hours it did dry my lips and felt a little uncomfortable. The darker shade – velvet sleeper, tinted my fingers very easy, so be on the lookout for that.

In conclusion – It took me too much time to get the hang on how to apply this lipstick correctly, I do love the colors and they do dry out matte beautifully. Good lasting powers, but a little drying after the first hour.



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