My daily meals with pictures

I do not consider myself a nosey person, but recently I discovered that one of my favorite types of posts and youtube videos to watch are the ones where people share what they eat during the day.  As someone that is trying to learn to eat healthy, but at the same time diverse enough, I am always open to finding new recipes. The thing is that I did not want to be on a diet everyday for the rest of my life, but since I do need to watch out what I am eating I had to learn to make tasty balanced meals.  And just as everything in this world I needed some inspiration. Also – I just like looking at pictures with food (Yeah, I am that person).

 Before I share my meals for the day I must say something about my eating habits. I am not a vegetarian, so if you are offended by someone eating animal products this is not your cup of tea. That being said I do try to eat a limited quantity of meat, milk, ect. I also try to eat healthy, low carb diet, but I am not a nutritionist, so I do my best with the knowledge I have.

8,30h – Breakfast

For breakfast I usually almost always have porridge. It is easy to make and I consider it as my sweet treat for the day. I also have black coffee with almond milk and my chlorophyll infused water.

Porridge recipe

2 tablespoons of oat bran

2 tablespoons of oatmeal

Almond milk

Frozen fruit (here I used raspberries)


10, 30h – Snack

I try going to the gym three times a week. Before I leave I have a fruit. This time it was some melon I had in the fridge, just to give me some energy but still keep it light.

13, 00h – Lunch

Today’s lunch was some chicken with white basmati rice and huge rocket salad with cucumber and dried tomatoes. (I made the tomatoes myself) I use lots of spices for the rice and the chicken, just to give it a different taste every time. I find that this is one of the secrets not to get bored with eating healthy things, because they tend to be pretty much the same, but a variety of spices can help you a lot in the kitchen.


15, 30h – Snack

I had 3 of my WHITE CHEESE COOKIES and coffee with almond milk

18, 30h Dinner

For dinner I try not to eat meat, since as you probably know it takes a lot of time to digest. I stick to salads because I love them and honestly I am too lazy to cook two times a day. But I do make a huge salad and I add all sorts of goodies to make it interesting. This time it was:


Arugula/ Rocket
Corn salad (the plant) or mâché (in France)
Cherry tomatoes
Sun- dried tomatoes
Poppy seeds
Olive oil
Black pepper


22,30h Snack

Tonight I had some delicious watermelon. It was great.

Well, this is it. As I said – I am not a nutritionist. I am just sharing my meals for fun (and non nosey people like me)




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