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People often say that time goes by quickly, but the truth is, you never actually think about it until it is the end of the month and you realize that you have not finished all your projects, plus you have to write your monthly favourites review. Not that I am complaining. Honestly, I feel like I enjoy this blogging thing more and more. In real life I am one of those chatty people that love to overshare but since I have the blog I can do this in the comfort of my own domain/ home! So lets do it – My Monthly Favorites!

What I reached for the most this past month? Since it is summer I recently learned the importance of a sunscreen, especially when you are whiter than white. I needed something I can use on my face that will not break me out, protect me from the sun but also give me some coverage, because your girl is not one of those people with porcelain skin that skips on the face makeup. I had been using AVÉNE for the past six months for most of my skin products, so I decided to continue with that brand and chose their CRÈME TEINTÉE SPF 50+. It has a nice, gentle smell and the skin absorbs it pretty fast. The only problem is the colour, as it is dark and there is not a big range of choices, but this is the case with every tinted moisturizer/crème . It can be used as a base for your makeup and I applied fond de ten over it without a problem. The next thing I discovered this month was LUSH. I am sure that I am the last one on this train, since everyone and their grandmother know the brand, but try not to judge me too much. I might be late for the party but I will definitely keep going since I am now in love with my new BIG SEA SAULT SHAMPOO. First of I really loved the smell of this product. As it is all natural, Lush products sometime lack the more sophisticated smells we are used to, but this one I really adore. But what made me buy it were the ingredients – seaweed and sea salt might not sound fancy but they do have qualities like lifting the hair, volumizing and softening which I like. Also it has lemon and lime which gives the hair shine and coconut oil to make our locks look silky smooth. The whole experience in the shop was so fun, because you have the ability to actually taste the products, see how they feel.


As I was on my way to LUSH anyway, I had to go by my THE BODY SHOP to get me my monthly fix. Last month I tried their COCONUT BODY MILK and I had to get the COCONUT EAU DE TOILET as well. I just adore this scent. I opted for the mini size, because I plan to take this with me whenever I go out, especially when I plan to increase my ocean visits.
Recently I discovered that there is a huge new trend on the beauty market – Korean beauty products. Yes, they sound exotic and if we compare them to the prices we have here… you can see the difference. Me, being easily influenced by such trends, decided to also try some of the products. The first one I ordered was THE ELIZAVECCA CARBONATED CLAY MASK. I must admit, I did not expect much, but it actually does make the skin feel really silky and smooth. The mask does not irritate my skin at all. And it is fun to use too. At first when you apply it it has a very particular texture, a bit gooey, but then it starts to react and bubble. Soon you have a very interesting looking foam on your face. I have oily skin so all clay based masks are something I go for, I was happy with this one, even though it did not magically clean all my blackheads. I ordered it through Amazon and it came pretty quickly, which surprised me.
The last product is something that maybe is not too interesting for everyone, but very helpful if you like me have this never-ending problem with ingrown hair. SVR XERIAL 30 reduces redness and ingrown hairs. Smoothes skin and reduces its rough appearance. I have been using it for a month now and even though the problem is still not gone, it does look better. To be honest I have tied so many products at this point that even the small victories make me happy. The cream is very rich and has a Vaseline consistency. For now I like the results, I will update you in couple of months.  I would suggest giving it a lot of time to dry; it does not have a smell though.


Well, this is all I had to share for now!



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