"Why not me" by Mindy Kaling Review

Ah, who doesn’t like those Sunday afternoons when you had just finished cleaning the house, doing the laundry, taking a shower… hum, remind me why is it called a weekend again…?  But this is not the point here (even though I do plan to someday write an angry letter to the president and demand a three day long weekend, for which you can thank me later). The reason I am sitting here, in front of my laptop, at one o’clock in the evening is that I just finished a book and I am so hyped up by it that I am actually brave enough to try and write my first ever book review.  If you expect some well written and outspoken analyzes though – sorry, this is not it my friends. What it is though is an honest opinion.

The book I am talking about is called WHY NOT ME ? and is written by Mindy Kaling (If the name sounds familiar it’s because she is the creator and main character of The Mindy Project). I am not sure how to start this, mainly because the reason I decided to pick up this book sounds kind of shallow even to me. You see – I like The Mindy project very much. It is one of those rare shows on TV nowaday where the actress actually represents an average woman. For me as a plus size girl, it always feels nice to see someone I can identify with. The day I both the book I was feeling a little bit down and sorry for myself so when “Why not me?” was suggested to me while I browsed around Amazon I had one of those “AHA” moments and decided I wanted to know, I wanted the answer to that question. So, yeah, I choose the book because I liked the actress that wrote it and I was interested how someone that looked like me could have possibly gotten what she wanted.

It’s funny that at the beginning I was actually kind of angry at Mindy. I bought the book, expecting an easy, wrapped as a gift answer to all my problems. Instead she started by telling me a story about a nerdy girl, who did not get any less, awkward with time, who had body issues and confidence problems. It was too familiar and hit too close to home. But being the stubborn person everyone believes I am (I am looking at you best friends) I decided to push through the painful childhood associations and look further for my answers. What I like about Mindy as a writer and creator is that she is real, genuine and relatable. I hate when the main character at a book is flawless. When she is always the most beautiful, capable, pure hearted woman in the world. What Mindy is not afraid to show is that everyone has a dark and petty side. You are telling me that you never felt jealous? Please… next thing you are going to tell me is you never watched porn. It makes it even more alluring that the „character”  is an actual living, breathing person.  But anyways, what is interesting in this book is that she shows how even after feeling angry or underestimated you can rise above it, show dignity and move on.  How you can hate weddings but still be good enough of a friend to suck it up, smile and go through it without getting ridiculously drunk (just respectfully drunk? Is this a thing?). How you cannot be expected to look flawless without an entourage of people helping you achieve that.

At the end of the book I felt like I just had a conversation with a friend. We shared all our creepy, little dark thought and secrets and we had one of those “You too moments” together and then decided to be best friends forever.  It was a light weekend read that even though made me laugh, gave me just enough things to think about after I closed the book.

P.S. I really want to know what happens with Mindy and the teacher!  You will know what I am talking about if you read the book.





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  • Amy

    I love both of Mindy’s books so much. Of all the celebrity “funny ladies” who have put out books in the last several years, I think Mindy’s are the best! I read this one on a long plane ride last year and had a lot of trouble stifling my laughter :p

    • Yes, I can watch the Mindy project countless times. I just adore her and her kind of humor. I am planning on reading the other books too, but I have so much on my list already I can not find the time!