What are the products inside the new August BIRCHBOX?

Welcome to the month of August. We have already reached the last part of the summer season and it is time to take the vacation we have all been dreaming of, make ourselves a cocktail (or two), take a good book and just relax.  But if you are not reader, hey – you can always watch the Olympics that take place in Rio this year and marvel at the incredible possibilities of the human body and spirit.  Talking about Brazil, this month’s BIRTCHBOX decided to celebrate the event by creating an amazing and beautiful box of goodies for us to enjoy. The moment I saw the lovely and colourful design they created for August on the cover I was already stocked about what I would find inside. I cannot wait to tell you about the products so I will just get to the point.  The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was the deep, dark blue nail polish. It is from the French brand NAILMATIC and the shade I got is called Cleo.  It has a wide brush that makes the application very easy. The pigmentation is good and you can do with just one layer of the nail polish.  It also dried for about two minutes which is always a big plus for me, since I do not have the nerves to wait on it. The next product in the box was the dry oil from the brand CASTANHA.   I am a big fan of oils so I was very happy to find this product in the box and I think it might be my favourite from the bunch. It has an exotic smell of a Brazilian nut and is supposed to moisturize, nourish and give protection to the skin. The oil is absorbed quickly and does not feel sticky. It can also be used on your hair. After using it, my skin definitely felt nice, not too oily and it got rid of that dry feeling I always have after a shower.

birch box july1

During the summer heat we all need help to cool down and feel a little fresher. This is the moment when we can take advantage of the mist water of the brand DOUX ME. It contains pure spring water that moisturizes, prevents dryness and brightens the complexion. I really like using these kinds of products on the beach or after sport. I just feel a lot cleaner and refresh after. Next stop – MUSACLEAN and its purifying mask. When I first used it I was greeted by a pleasant smell of banana. It had a smooth, creamy texture and was very easy to apply on the skin. It combines the balancing and purifying powers of clay and the yellow banana refreshes and soothes your skin. My face felt clean and soft after using it. The mask is suitable for all types of skin.
The last product in the BIRTCHBOX for August was a shampoo. I think this was the disappointing one for me just because I really dislike the smell. It’s from the brand HUYGENSE and is 99% Natural which might explain the weird aroma. It is also for a dry hair and mine is definitely not so I probably will not be using it. Just for your info though the site says that it contains sugar, cleanses gently pampering the hair and the scalp. Do not be surprised: it foams less than a conventional shampoo. And as it comes from natural products, your hair will need time to adapt.

birch box july2

Well, there it is. For the exception of the shampoo I will definitely use all of those products and expect to see some of them at my August favourites.
P.S. And don’t forget to watch the games!



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