Last Saturday I was browsing around my local bio shop and I decided to check out the beauty section since I always try to look for more natural and environment friendly products. As you know I have very oily skin so everything that says “clay” is like a magnet to me! This is how I discovered the ARGILETZ – a French based brand that specializes in clay- based beauty products. They source their clay from a “secret French quarry” (I like a good mystery) and they dry it under the sun so it is 100% natural.
I consider my face masks as extremely important part of my beauty regime and I have tried lots of them, so with time I discovered that clay works very well for me. It is an extremely beneficial ingredient that helps oily and acne-prone skin. It purifies, brightens and gives very important minerals to the body and the face.

I decided to try two of the ARGILETZ clay masks, but they do have a huge variety with different types of clays that all have various benefits.

The YELLOW CLAY MASK is for combination skin. Very close to the green clay, yellow clay has all the best qualities to exfoliate and cleanse. (I did not take the green, bc I have so much masks with green clay I wanted to try this one)

The WHITE CLAY MASK is for dull and sensitive skin. Totally neutral, white clay works for all skin types, even the most mature by providing a nice softness of the epidermis. It instantly reveals the radiance of the skin while rejuvenating.


They both have a very fine, smooth texture that glides on the skin almost like a cream. I love how easy it is to apply.  The masks have no smell, which I actually like because it means that they did not use anything artificial in them, just as ARGILETZ claim. The clay dried out very fast, I would say no more than 5- 8 minutes.  Both of the masks made my skin feel refresh, rejuvenated and silky smooth without being too dry. It also felt like my skin can breathe again in a way, which is a very pleasant feeling indeed.

The mask comes in a 100g tube with a lovely clean design; I especially adore the pastel colours they choose. The product itself is with a creamy consistency.  Of course, depending on the type of clay used in the masks, they also have:   Pink clay for sensitive skin, red clay for dry skin, green clay for oily skin.

ARGILETZ do not add artificial preservatives and do not test on animals. The packaging is recyclable.


WHITE CLAY MASK:  White clay (kaoilin) – Water

YELLOW CLAY MASK: Yellow Clay (illite) – Water

Apply the clay mask on the entire face and neck in a thick layer. Leave on for 10 min. Clean with warm water. Dry your skin and apply moisturizer.
These treatments are recommended once a week. Do not ingest. Do not let the clay dry.

So do you use clay in your beauty routine? Any cool clay masks I should try?



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