I think I will never be able to be one of those people that wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning with a smile, ready for the day and happy to be alive. When I wake up I look mostly like an evil troll and everyone around me know better than to question my grumpiness.  At some point though, things had to change. I decided to try some new methods to trick my body into thinking that mornings are not so bad. As they say – fake it, till you make it, right?

1.  DO NOT press the snooze button. This is one of the biggest mistakes people do (me included). Hanging out in bed after the first alarm will only make you more tired and sleepy in the long term.

TIP:  A good tip is to put your phone away from your bed so you have to actually stand up and go turn the alarm off. It is a lot less likely to go back after you are already on your feet.

2.  Put a nice song you like as your alarm so you won’t wake up grumpy because of the annoying sounds your phones makes. Choose an upbeat song and change it often so you won’t get bored of it. My personal choice is Enrique Iglesias.

STORY:  My cat is named Enrique. When he was a baby he was coming to my door every morning, meowing his little heart out so he was kind of like my alarm clock. Since I didn’t need the actually song playing on my phone to wake me up, the kitten was named Enrique.

3.  Think of a reason to leave the house. If you are working at home, you can book your appointments in the morning so you have to leave at a certain time.

TIP: I usually go to the gym (this also helps me with not missing out on my sport and keeping a schedule) but it can be anything – hairdresser, going shopping for groceries, etc.


4. Develop a healthy habit and a routine – So once I’m out of bed; I need at least twenty minutes to start functioning like a human. During this time I have a routine that helps me be productive and rouse myself gradually.

TIP:  Choose simple things, like making coffee, making your bed (or if you don’t like coffee warm water with lemon is a super good start of the day). Something you do not have think about and is more like a muscle memory

5. Prepare your things for the day, the night before – If you are like me, you hate everything and everyone in the morning and whatever can go wrong – does! So this tip is not about being organized, it is about setting yourself up for a good beginning of the day. This means that you won’t have the awful memory of a messy morning for the next time.

TIP: I usually prepare my bag the night before. If I am going to be out the whole day I always make myself lunch and I always have a fruit in case I don’t have time for a breakfast in the morning.

So try it. For me it helps a lot. I still hate morning but I am able to get out of bed now and be a more productive person.

 What are your tricks and tips to wake up early? Are you a naturally morning person, how does it feel?




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A lover of all things beautiful. I try to write about my life, my passion for beauty and my experience being a plus size girl.

  • I always have motivation to get out of bed, by telling myself “You’ll feel better once you drink coffee” haha. Most of the time it’s true!

    • I envy you, Abby! It takes me a lot of will to wake up! Haha

  • Amy

    Love this post. The tip about leaving the house in the morning is a great one… It’s hard to start feeling productive when you’re still languishing in your PJs 😉

    • Right! I always try to find something that will make me leave the house, otherwise the day will be spent in bed, watching my favorite TV series’s.