Autumn is approaching swiftly and I am starting to get those warm, fuzzy feelings that always come with the knowledge of the cooler months being near. I love autumn and all of its colors and pretty, pretty trends. So when I was looking around the HEMA counter, where prices always make me happy – I saw two blushes that intrigued me very much. I will admit – mostly because they reminded me of autumn and this is just what I needed when I knew I have to walk under a scorching sun the way home. But as always I am getting ahead of myself. The reason I was looking at the blushes in the first place was a friend of mine that recently made me aware of their existence. No they are not new, but as I looked around the all-knowing internet for information about them, I could find it only in Dutch (which is normal, since HEMA is a Dutch company) so I decided to write a quickie for you guys and let you know what I think.


The first one I am introducing is WET & DRY. The color I chose is 52 – not very cool sounding, so let me try to describe it. It is a mix between terracotta brown and pink pearly shades, which makes it a dream for the autumn months when I pull out my dark lipsticks. But what really impressed me about this blush was the highlight woven into it. This is actually why I noticed it on my friend. At first I thought she was wearing a highlighter, but nope – it was a blush that looks stunning on the cheeks and gives a subtle soft glow.  The consistency is a little creamy and it is really easy to apply and to blend.  The packaging is nothing special, but it is compact and comfortable.

The next one I got is SATIN  in the color 09 – again super appropriate autumn shade. This time it combines deep, dark terracotta color with purple undertones and tiny bits of glitter.  The blush is a lot more of a powdery formula then the first one. It has a very good pigmentation, so a little goes a long way. The soft, almost matte color is “cut”  very delicately by the silver and purple sparkles.  I like the packaging since it is very flat and comfortable to use and carry.


Both of the blushes surprised me by how well they applied and stayed on my cheeks. Unfortunately there is not much information about the product on the HEMA site, which is kind of disappointing, because I am always interested in the process of making a product.

What are you favorite affordable brand for blush? Any unique shades out there?

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