Regenerating plant extract for hair

Today I have something super cool for you guys and I am really excited to share it. I have never been lucky with my hair and I have always tried to make it look fuller and healthier. After I had my weight lost, it did not reflect well on my hair at all. I got even more brittle and fragile. Plus, me changing the place I lived at… the result was that my hair started falling out a bit too much for my liking. Since then I had always tried to find products that can reverse the process but as many of you, that have the same problem, know – it is not easy. I am glad to say though that recently I have been seeing a great improvement and I will tell you about what I am using that probably is the reason for it (there are more than one) . But today I will be talking specifically about – RÉNE FURTERER’S-  COMPLEX 5.
What this is basically is a blend of herbs and essential oils that you apply before you wash your hair. The purpose is very simple – strengthen and tone the scalp. Actually this is the phrase that made me want to by this product. Because, healthy hair comes from a healthy body and a healthy scalp. You can put as many masks as you want but until you take care of those things – nothing will work for long.


COMPLEX 5 is 100% natural. It contains orange, lavender and verbena that activates microcirculation and invigorates the scalp to promote growth of stronger hair. It cleanses all the impurities from the scalp so when you apply other products they can go deeper and work better.
It comes in a beautiful glass bottle. The application is very easy thanks to the little applicator on the top that only gives one drop of a time, so it lasts forever. (I have been using it 2 times a week for 3 months). After you apply the oil, you should gently massage your hair. It feels so good and I love the smell it has. I feel like I am in a spa. In a couple of second you should start to feel a little tingle but it is not unpleasant. Actually I quite enjoy it and even though it says to keep it in your hair between 5-10 min, I have been letting it stay for a lot more. It unclogs the hair follicles and removes the build-ups that come from all the other products you use in your hair as well as the natural oils your scalp produces.

One more thing that I really love about this essential oil is that it does not leave the hair greasy at all. I have tried other ones and coconut oil too and I could never quite wash them out after, but with COMPLEX 5 all it takes is one wash and that it.

I believe it could also work well if you have dandruff or you just want to have a  deep cleansing of the scalp after using too many products in your hair (with silicone and sulphate)  since the main purpose is to purify and let the follicles breath by destroying build-ups.

So have you tried essential oils to purify your hair? What do you think?



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  • i need a deep cleanse for my sculpt at the moment. it gets sensitive so easily and this product seems to be just right. i will have a closer look at this one.

    • Yes, it might be a bit pricey but I never had a bad reaction to it even though I also have a very sensitive scalp. ( Don’t forget it i supposed to tingle a bit if you decide to try it)