Here we are, at the beginning of yet another week, but I am looking forward to this one since I have some plans that are very exciting for me. hehe. This weekend though was not that eventful and after finishing another book on my never-ending reading list, I found myself not having any plans and being bored out of my mind. So… what do you do in these situations? You take random tests on the internet of course. One of those claimed to be able to tell me what kind of a hobby will suit me best. Not much to my surprise it came up with photography and image editing.. Duh…. Well it is true. But I thought to myself… what else would you like to do actually?

1. Knitting – after a stressful day
This might sound like something really boring to you, but as much as sometimes I might not want to admit it, I am not a very outdoors-y person (sounded better then chronically attached to home). I like my hobbies calm, quite and in a position where I can add a glass of wine to them. Here is why I think knitting might put me on the “cool list” though. The simplest argument in favor of this particular hobby is – it is creative. You can do so much out of it and it is a skill that can turn into more than a hobby at some point if you invest enough time and passion. What makes it perfect though is that it is something repetitive. Actions like this where you use mostly your muscle memories tend to have a very calming effect. Maybe after a long stressful day this is all you need. Just imagine how cozy it will feel in the winter, next to the fireplace/ heater, with a glass of tea (or wine, always choose wine). Also – great way to be ready with your own handmade gifts for Christmas, think ahead people.


2. Restoring furniture – let your creativity out
I am fascinated by old and vintage stuff. The idea of taking something with so much history and make it beautiful and usable again is really pleasing to me. This can also make your home look a lot more interesting since you can add something unique and yours to it. It is also a great way to keep memories from your parents and childhood close to your heart and in front of your eyes.

3. Riding a bicycle/ rollers – add some action to your life
It might sound super ridiculous that thirty years old, grown woman can’t ride a bicycle nor rollers for that matter – but here I am. The truth is I always wanted to learn, but after a bad experience as a child I never did. Both can be a very good way to add a little activity to your everyday life without even noticing it. But actually it can be anything that will make you move and take you out of the house. You never learned to ride rollers or a skateboard? Do it now! Thankfully we live in time where it is acceptable for a grown person to act like a child from time to time. I say we take advantage of it.


4. Exploring – because a little adventure bring spice to your life
I was always that weird kid that liked to imagine all kinds of incredible stories about old abandoned buildings. As I said I like old things and I have a very wild and vivid imagination so all those places that had been left by people and claimed by nature look incredibly beautiful to me. I was not a very brave kid and I was usually the party-pooper that talked the others out of doing things because they were too dangerous, but every time someone wanted to look around an abandoned house or a bunker I was first to say “yes” and this is all you have to know actually to see how much I enjoy exploring. It makes for great photos and even greater memories with friends.

5. Music – free your soul and self-esteem
I love singing; some even say I sing well. Unfortunately when I was in school I was never brave enough to try for the school band and develop this talent since I was always afraid to put my chubby self in front of an audience. Well, things had change now and I am a lot more open to the idea. I think it might actually be quite empowering. I would love to learn how to play a guitar too. I always find musicians to be some of the calmest, coolest people out there and I am always looking to add someone like this to my friend list. Plus I will be the star of a party and who does not want that?!

What are your hobbies?




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  • I learnt to knit (not very well!) a few years ago and I found it therapeutic. I really would love to start again as I never made too much, other than square patches!

    The Makeup Directory

    • I tried it in highschool and I liked it a lot but I also didnt do much of it. But the winter is coming so it will be a perfect hobby.

  • I’M A KNITTER! And yes, us young knitter teeter the liners between nerdy and quirky but most definitely cool! Haha! And what you describe is excitedly what we do!

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    • Haha, well it starts to look like there are a lot of knitters out there. So cool!

  • I used to knit when I was younger but haven’t had time since hahah, or that’s what it feels like. But it’s so relaxing so should definitely begin with it again! Xx

    • I’m starting to think we should all just start a knit and wine/ drink tea club or something like this! It will be fun 😀

  • These photos are so beautiful!

    • Yes, they are. I usually take my own photos when I talk about a product I tested or an outfit ofcourse. But thoese are not mine, they come from a site that I left the link to at the end of the post. You should check it out, its for free stock photos and I love it. I wish I can be this good with the camera one day. 🙂 😉