You have trouble finding the perfect plus size outfit? Check out my favorite plus size shops, their sizing and more.

 I think, that if you are a plus size woman at some point in your life you had had a problem finding what to wear. Truth to be told, this is something that just does not sit well with me. I mean, you can spend thousands of dollars on something that is practically not wearable, but you cannot extend your brand’s sizing? I might sound a bit bitter to you. Well, coming from a country where most of the clothes go up to size 12 can do that to you. But on the happier note I did discovered a lot of new brands coming to France. Some of them you might know, some of them might come as a new and exciting opportunity to expand your wardrobe.

So I constructed a small list that I hope will help you on your quest to become a fashion icon. Here are my favorite plus size shops.

1. Bonprixsizing: 38 – 56 EU –  A French based brand. And honestly it is my favorite one so far. Furthermore the selection is huge and the quality is great. They also have an English site. I honestly always check their site first when I need something and I am never disappointed. The delivery for France is always on point and I get my items in couple of days.

2. Forever21sizing: 0X- 3X (44- 50EU) – If you are in the mood for something hip and trendy – this is the place. The only problem is that the EU site’s plus size section is not that big, but there are still some cute things.

3. Asos Curve –  sizing: 44- 56 EU– I don’t think there is someone on this planet that does not know what Asos is about. I like that they put new clothes almost every day and there is a huge variety of styles.

4. Camaieusizing: 34 – 46 EU – Another French brand that I adore. The quality of the clothes is amazing and they represent a cleaner, classical style but still keeping it modern.

5. Kiabisizing: 34 – 52 EU – This is one of the more affordable options. This is a very budget friendly brand. They have a good selection on everyday wear.

Do you have a favorite online plus size shops ? Let me know?!




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