Welcome to my August Favorites

It seems that the month of August just got away from me and September started with a visit from a close friend of mine. So you can understand why I am the last person on the blogosphere to post my MONTHLY FAVORITES. Sorry about the delay! This was one very fun and very long month.  But it is over and hopefully the crazy heat is going to go soon too.  I am super excited for all of the changes that are coming with the new season and honestly cannot wait! But I won’t turn this into yet another rant about my love for the autumn months (you can thank me later).

LUSH – OCEAN SALT FACE AND BODY SCRUB – Lush is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shop and I adore spending time in that lovely place. It is full of fun and beautifully smelling product that I can play with. The last time I went there I wanted to try something from their face products and I was suggested this scrub.  I have a very oily skin that produced an excess amount of black heads in addition. I know – gross. But I am here not only to write beautiful words but also to help. And this mask did help a lot with cleansing and brightening my face. The Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub has a lovely array of ingredient that all work to better your skin to the max.  The sea salt makes this product a perfect exfoliant and helps get rid of the dirt and dead skin. The avocado and coconut – hydrate the skin. And to top it all up the lime and the vodka attack the blocked pores. The scrub also smells so good and I feel super fresh after using it.


OGX – ARGAN OIL OF MOROCCO SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER – I already wrote a review about their Coconut milk range and how much I loved it so I had to try something else from OGX. I choose the argan oil range because I really love the benefits it has for the hair. The Argan oil of Morocco Shampoo and conditioner are rich with vitamin E. It makes my dull hair look shiny and smells AMAZING for hours.

INECTO – COCONUT HAIR TREATMENT – I grabbed this product when I was in Amsterdam because I had forgotten my regular conditioner. As you know I have a slight problem with all things coconut so I became a victim to that addiction once more. I choose this specific one because it said it is 90% all natural. But then I read that it is for a frizz prone hair and the rest as they say was a history. The Inecto  Treatment is infuse with 100% pure Coconut oil that makes the hair look healthier and silkier. After using it my hair looks shiny but it was not oily at all.


ANATOMICALS – BYE-BYE MISS AMERICAN DRY – CHERRY BODY LOTIION – First of all – how cute is this name? I got this little treasure in one of my BIRCHBOX subscriptions.  It is enriched with vitamin E that hydrated and nourishes the skin. But the smell is what I adore the most. It is divine.  Imagine a fizzy cherry drink or a bubblegum. It just makes me feel like I am twenty again, maybe because the aroma reminds me of my childhood. Love it!

Well, this is it from me for the month of August. This is all folks.

What are your favorite summer products? Let me know.



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