See all the products I can not live without now that we did not have when I first started my makeup journey.

The last couple of weeks, all over YouTube, beauty gurus have been sharing how they used to do their makeup. I love those videos and find them super funny. For anyone who enjoys beauty and makeup it is always interesting to see the evolution of someone’s style through the years. But this made me think of what kind of makeup I had when I was in school? Two words – blue eyeshadows. I remember just smudging them all over my eyelids thinking I was a makeup artist or the coolest gal in town. I was super proud of my choices even though I looked ridiculous. Imagine a panda someone hit in the face I guess. You get the picture.

What I think would be interesting though is to talk about the products I never thought existed when I started my makeup journey and I cannot live without now. When I was a teenager (about 15 years ago, OMG) we did not have YouTube makeup tutorials. My mom has never been that interested in makeup and me and my friends had to experiment on our own – whence the blue eyeshadows disasters. So imagine a time when all of the products I am going to talk about weren’t there. Some of them I just did not know about and some of them did not even exist (Man, I am old). So let me take you to a journey to the memory lane and and introduce – MAKEUP I DIDN’T KNOW EXISTED WHEN I WAS YOUNG .

Liquid Eyeliner – Nowadays the eyeliner is such a huge part of my makeup routine and it is definitely one of my best and favorite makeup items. I first started using it when I developed my love for the old, vintage looks. I was looking at women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and I wanted to be like them. It took a lot of time to even do a decent cat eye but I never stop trying to improve on it.

Primers – Remember when you were seventeen and thought you NEED foundation because your skin was sooo bad?! Yeah, I want to slap my teenage self right now. I discovered what a miracle were the primers a couple of years ago. Who doesn’t want perfect, porcelain, baby doll skin? It’s good that we can fake this now, isn’t it? This is what I call evolution!

Eyebrow gel – You should have seen the journey my eyebrows had been through. I am a hairy girl, ok? And you can image that I pretty much had a unibrow in my youth. Around eleventh grade I realized I need to do something about it and of course came the over plucking. It was a war to get to a point where my eyebrows looked normal. And I am thankful everyday that I discovered the eyebrow gel. Otherwise my eyebrows would have still looked like a badly cut bush.

Beauty Brushes – The first time I saw someone using those huge powder brushes I was fascinated. I never knew there were such a variety of them to pick from. The artist in me was so thrilled. It was like a whole new world.

Setting spray – It took me a lot of time to try this, because honestly I did not see the point in it. How wrong was I? I guess we live and we learn and for someone with as oily skin as mine I should have known better. I am happy to say though that I corrected my mistake and now I am a proud owner of one.

So what makeup and beauty products you did not know/ have when you were little and you cannot live without now?!




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  • Kate

    Oh my goodness, I think I knew about lipstick and that was about it! I too am from the generation before YouTube tutorials so I’m making up for lost time now! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • OH, yesss! Me too. Love to watch them beauty gurus. lol. It is so muh fun to play with makeup.

  • Cute post! I’m with you on the brow gels – I had no idea brow products existed apart from brow pencils haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • We live and we learn I guess hahaah

  • I never use primer or setting spray. Perhaps I should start

    • I like it bc it helps with the pores that I have. 🙂