Meet the new range of THE BODY SHOP - Five amazing masks to make your day better

Ok, a little disclaimer is in order. I might be kind of obsessed with The Body Shop masks and the new collection.  I am a big fan of this brand and I like to have a sneak peak at their site from time to time. Just to see if they have something new. Of course, the moment I saw the new masks, I wanted to try them right away. But which one was best for me?

Well, The Body Shop gives you the option to try three of their masks in sample size through their site. You simply have to register and they give you a voucher which you can use in any of The Body Shop stores. This is what I did and I had the chance to learn more about the new products too. When they gave me the samples the lovely saleswoman insisted on telling me all about the masks which I appreciated. By the way in case you are wondering – I am in no way sponsored by them (I wish).

So let’s go deeper into the world of masks and see what I discovered about The Body Shop’s new collection. It contains five new masks, but I will only talk about three of them.

the body-shop-new-masks

DETOXIFY – ME – HIMALAYAN CHAROCAL PURIFYING GLOW MASK – 100% VEGAN – I am starting with this one, because it is my favorite by far. This does not surprise me as I love to deep clean my skin and this is exactly what the mask does. The purifying glow mask contains Himalayan charcoal that removes impurities and help with reducing excess sebum from the skin. Plus with the help of the Japanese green tea leaves that are rich with antioxidants and help exfoliate the skin it makes of an amazing product. You can actually see the leaves mixed in the charcoal which I thought was very cool. After using the mask my skin felt so clean and looked a lot healthier and brighter.  I could definitely see an improvement.  It was pretty easy to apply too but it does sting a bit after the first few seconds. Which I honestly enjoy as it makes me think the mask is working. I will for sure invest in this one for the future.

NOURISH – ME – ETHIOPIAN HONEY DEEP NOURISHING MASK – 100% VEGETERIAN – You can practically taste the honey in this one – the color of the mask, the consistency.  It is not hard to apply, a little sticky but still achievable using your fingers. Not messy at all. I actually almost did not feel the mask on my face as it has a very light texture. Now this mask is recommended for dry skin, which is not my case. But it was also supposed to help with smoothing and softening the skin.  It definitely did, but nothing more. My skin looked smoother and felt nice. But it did not make it look healthier which in the end is my goal. But as I said – the mask is recommended for a different type of skin.

HYDRATE – ME – BRITISH ROSE FRESH PLUMPING MASK – 100% VEGAN – The aroma of this masks is really intoxicating. The moment I opened the little pouch my bathroom smelled like a garden in the spring.  But let talk about the mask itself. The British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask comes in a gel-like consistency. It is super easy to use and just like the first mask I talked about stings a bit. It contains real rose petals and essence of English rose that hydrates. Rosehip oil from Chile, rich in Omega 3 and 6 that helps firm the skin. And organic Mexican aloe that as we all know has a soothing effect on the skin.  After using it my skin felt rejuvenated and hydrated. My face was silky smooth and in general looked a lot happier. Great choice if you want a little boost for your skin and especially for the upcoming cooler months.

the body-shop-british-rose1

The last mask was a part of a collection that I really enjoy which is why I had to try more. I choose THE BRITISH ROSE BODY WASH & THE BRITISH ROSE HAND CREAM. I really enjoyed both of those products. The body wash is working amazing, not drying my skin. And the hand cream has such deep smell and is so rich in texture that it almost looks like a body cream. If you like the scent of roses I highly recommend trying this The Body Shop’s collection.

I did not get to try the other two masks (energising and Illuminating ones) , but I look forward to doing that sometimes soon as I am super impressed by this range. I will add that three of the masks are VEGAN and two of them are VEGETERIAN. Also none of them contains any Paraben, Wax, Silicone or Mineral Oil.

Which one would you like to try and why?


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