It is really cool when you have friends that love makeup as much as you do. I adore those days when we gather together over a big plate full with cookies and we chat the afternoon away. The discussions vary from: do mermaids exist to of course our favourite subject – beauty! The last time, I asked my girls to bring me one of their favourite makeup items. I choose to present to you the Marc Jacobs Beauty#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder.

Today my guest and opinion – giver is Zori. She was lovely enough to endure my endless questions about the Marc Jacobs Beauty#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder and give me her honest thought on the palette.


As you know, we all have specific things we look for in a beauty product. First off, we talked about the packaging. For the price range of this product it does not amaze me that they really invest into creating a very durable packaging. The product feels secure and well protected inside the black, sleek plastic box. Zori pointed out that she appreciates the big, quality mirror as well. The palette lies very comfortably in the hand while you apply your makeup.

I was excited by the creaminess of the Marc Jacobs Beauty#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder the first time I swatched it. It was easy to blend and to apply. The powders are jet-milled which makes the kick up of the powder virtually zero. Zori added that the highlighting powder does not crease under the eyes and looks very natural. It is not meant to be dramatic and more so to gives you a smoother skin. Keep in mind – it is not for covering blemishes. It is meant to brighten and help the contouring powder pop out!

Talking about looking natural, which is the idea behind the Marc Jacobs Beauty#Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder and something that I was super impressed with was the shade of the contouring powder. It is ashy and Iooks a lot more natural than some of the orange colours out there. Zori told me the effect it gives is amazing and it makes the countering a pretty easy task. It really enhances the futures for that slimming effect. Plus they give you a booklet with ideas how to apply the product. I think it is a nice idea since not everyone is on point with contouring trends.


Our final thought on the Marc Jacobs Beauty#Instamarc Contour Powder – we both loved it. It is a good investment if you want to add a little pricier product to your collection. Also the palette can be used comfortably in your everyday makeup. Perfect for that “no makeup” makeup.

What do you think about the palette?


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