It’s been a while now that I have posted a Plus Size Fashion related blog post. I will be honest – I just did not feel good in my skin the last month. Maybe it is the couple of kilos I put on, maybe it is something else. But after a white themed party I went to at the beginning of September, I just had to share this dress. As always when it came to wearing something specific at first I was a bit stressed. After all I was not sure I would find something I liked and white has never been my favorite color for a clothing item. First of I am a messy person. I really can’t keep something clean for more than two hours. Second I am a pale person, so wearing white is not always in my favor. But rules are rules and being the good, little girl I am I had to respect them.


The party was on a beach so I knew I wanted a dress. It had to be something comfy but not super plane at the same times, because it was a birthday and I wanted to look presentable.I went through my usual suspects – Plus Size Stores I shop at. This time the winner was BONPRIX– French based site with an enormous collection of clothing for any size and style.


I felt immediate relief and happiness when I saw this white dress accompanied with a gorgeous laced/ crochet details. First of It is a 100 % cotton and let me tell you – it is super comfortable. The style is versatile enough so you can wear it with flats, heels or with sneaker. I choose to wear it with a belt I picked up from H&M and little pink and rose gold flats from Bata just because I think it looks better on me this way. But if you want to throw on something and enjoy the last warm days in an easy and comfy outfit go for something sportier.


But in case white is not your color – do not worry. They have the dress in black as well. And to be honest I am kind of tempted to get it in this color too.  The half sleeve makes it appropriate even for the cooler seasons and I think the black version will look bad ass with a leather jacket, tights and booties.

Plus size fashion dress

*The dress is a little see-through (as most white clothes are) so be careful with your underwear choices

So what do you think? Was it a good choice?


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  • Kate

    Wow, you look stunning! This dress is so effortless and pretty and I love the crochet detailing. I’d say getting the black one as well is the only sensible decision! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thank you, Kate! Happy you like it. It is so nice of you to take the time to write a comment. 🙂