I think that my love for travel and exploring came right after I discovered my passion for books. Maybe it was inspired by reading all of the amazing stories. And just as all of the heroes in my favourite books I wanted to see everything, live everywhere, discovered new cultures and customs. When I was a very dorky teenager, I was this extremely timid person that never felt right at my place. So I always dreamed of going somewhere new. Suddenly I discover that travelling really did make me happy. Since I love it so much and I feel like it is a good thing for you to get to know me better and even learn something new in the process … MY FAVOURITE CITIES TO TRAVEL TO was born and today we are talking about VIENNA . And I won’t give you any practical information here, I will give you an experience.



It was winter – the day before Christmas to be exact, when I first saw Vienna. The Austrian capital is a place that I will forever hold close to my heart. It guards one of the most magical memories I shared with all of my closest friends. I was so excited for this trip and I planned it for months.  Even spend all my hard earned money during the summer on it but it was worth it. Vienna is stunning.  I couldn’t wait to see it all and I had a strict plan where and when to go. That of course didn’t work in the end. But isn’t this the beauty we find in travelling? Learn to let it go, let it go… (Dont hate me for the Frozen moment)


Vienna greeted us with rain. But even this did not spoil the excitement we all felt. I remember getting off the airplane and taking in the fresh air. Keep in mind I have worked for this vacation in months and was not ready to let anything ruin it. It wanted to see everything. I wanted to experience every little corner of the city. And let me tell you – Vienna did not disappoint. It really is a place that you do not have to work hard to find beauty in. It is a city with character and for me it was reminding me of a glamourise old-fashioned actress – dignifying and stunning at the same time.

Our first stop was the Schoenbrunn Palace. I have always loved history. And especially history mixed with some romance. And we choose a perfect time to visit it too. The Christmas markets are a common sight in Vienna during December, but the one at the Palace was the first one we visited. At that moment while I was holding my hot wine and talking with my best friends about culture,  architecture and life I really felt happy and calm. Maybe it was the spirit of the Palace, maybe it was the smiles everyone had on their faces. I loved that everyone spoke English and it was easy for me to communicate. What is more I was amazed at how helpful everyone was. I remember a particularly funny moment when we wanted to order a taxi to our hotel. Of course we did not know the address and how to do it, so we asked the super cute guard at the gates of the Schoenbrunn Palace for help. He told us the address but after five times of trying to pronounce it ourselves, he finally did it for us with a huge smile and ordered that taxi.


Talking about hospitality  – here is a tip, if you want to go to a foreign country and make some friends – go to a hostel. Why? Because at the Christmas day we ended up with a group of twenty people from all around the world going to a pub and we met them in the hostel lobby. One of the best times of my life and the best Christmas party. We talked, danced, drunk wine (Maybe too much even).

The next day we walked around the streets, we smiled and laughed. We ate Sacher cake at The Wiener Riesenrad and decided we were too scared to go on it (I am still angry about this).  We listened to opera music and we ate schnitzel at Stephansplatz. Not even the rain spoiled this precious moments and I will forever rest in love with Vienna.

So what do you think? Would you go to Vienna? Tell me your favourite cities to visit?



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