Today, I am writing about a product, that I was very excited about.  Mostly, because the idea and the concept behind it seemed new and interesting to me! What I am talking about is – AEROMIST COMPLEXION MIST FROM ETAM! If you are a lover of beautiful and luxurious undergarments chances are you have heard of this brand. Etam is a French based lines of boutiques that is known for their  lingerie but recently started dabbling in the world of beauty  (at least I did not know about this branch) .

But on to the AEROMIST FROM ETAM . What seemed intriguing to me was the way the product was packaged. I was fascinated to see how a foundation will work in this formula. The unique idea behind it is allowing a diffuser to disperse the actual foundation into a mist that is supposed to lightly and seemingly go on to your face for a natural and matte finish. However, unfortunately this did not work well for me. First of all, it was very hard to use the diffuser without getting the foundation all over my eyebrows and hair.

I wanted to find the correct way to apply the Aeromist from Etam, but their site does not have any information for it. I hope it is temporary and because the product is pretty new. The lack of any kind of explanation what the product is and how it works on the original site of the company is just crazy to me! It does come with instruction how to use it on the bottle itself though. Start by spraying it on the T-zone (the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead) and cheeks. Then, spread using a brush from the center outwards, blending at the jaw. It was no good. Full disclosure – They do have a brush that goes with the foundation, but it did not look any different to me then the ones I already had. I also tried applying it with a beauty blender and fingers, but I got the same unsatisfying result.


I have an oily skin with few dry patches.  The product literally got stuck on them and made them look ten times worst. I know it is meant to be mattifying, but it just looked wrong. The coverage is pretty average too. I would say it does have a powdery effect that if you like would work better for you. The foundation does not have a super strong smell. It has a runny consistency which is to be expected.  For me it was interesting that the first second you apply it  the foundation feels kind of oily, but that quickly disappears and the product does look super matte on the skin. It is also a very light weight  and almost didn’t feel it on my skin.

I was so stocked about this product. I really was. And I wanted it to work. It looked wonderful on paper and I really loved the packaging. Also the AEROMIST has a wonderful selection for fair skin and I found a really good shade for my skin tone. However it fell flat for me. Maybe it is just not my type of foundation. However I tried other products from Eram’s beauty range that I really like and I will introduce soon.

Have you tried a mist formula yet? What do you think?


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  • I have never tried a mist formula before it looks like there’s a big learning curve to trying to use it. I often think so many companies should have more instructional/ how to’s for using their products/

    • This is what I thought exactly. It is a bit disappointing that the brand doesn’t have any info about this on the site.