If you are like me and you are not one of those people that are naturally into sports, you know what a struggle it is to keep up with your active life. Do not get me wrong. I think that doing something for your body and keeping it strong and healthy is super important. But I am not about to sugarcoat anything on my blog. So I hate going to the gym. I love the feeling of satisfaction after a good day of training, but right up until that last lift of the weights I basically want to die. So if you are interested, here you go – thoughts I have on the way and at the gym.

8,30h – The alarm sounds. Time to wake up, sunshine and go to the gym. This is what my phone tells me, I laugh and laugh and laugh…  My phone is funny like that. It also tells me when to drink water and when to get my period. We are super close.

8,45h – Wait, what… how is it 8, 45 ? I just opened my eyes?! I guess time does fly when you are having fun in bed. Not this kind of fun, pervs.

9.00h – I actually get out of the bed. Coffeeeeeeeeeee…Now. Out of my way if you value your life.

9.05h – Please, don’t talk to me family members, please don’t talk to me…

9.10h – So, about the gym… do I really have to go today? I went like… last week…  I am pretty sure it is not good for your health to overdo it.

9,30h – I should go. I mean, it’s not like I will get in shape watching Supernatural in the morning. I mean… not that it doesn’t get my pulse running. Have you seen how hot those brothers are?!

10.15h – One more episode and then to the gym we go. Also, more coffee.

11.00h – Right… this is getting ridiculous. I am going to the gym. Should you shower before you go to the gym though? You are just going to get sweaty again. Am I gross?

11.05h – Fine… I will shower. It is a waste of water, but whatever, I will be a jerk to nature so I can be socially acceptable in the public transport.

11.20h – I look like a potato with my hair up. And I don’t have anything cute to wear for the gym. Why is my life so hard?

11.30h – Please, don’t let someone I know see me looking like a potato.

11.35h – Meets someone I know. And he is cute! Damn you universe! I couldn’t meet him the other ten thousand times I was using the same bus and I was wearing makeup and I have done my hair?! So you DO want me to be forever alone?! Well, at least I took a shower.

12.00h – Ok, I really don’t like to take my clothes off in front of strangers. I do it just for a selected few.

12.05h – Why is everyone so confident. I want to be able to walk around with my boobs out too!

12.10h – Let’s go through 30 minutes of pure boringness while I do my cardio. God bless rock and roll music. At least I can listen to Highway to hell. How appropriate.

12.30h – I didn’t know I can sweat in there. I mean, really… wtf?

12.35h  – Is it normal for this to hurt so much? And do you want to make me puke? Because this is how you make me puke

13.00h – Am I dying ? If I am, I should have left a note. I will just do it here – my laptop goes to my best friend. Only he knows what to do with it and how to delete stuff!

13.10h – It’s over! It is really over! I did it! I am the best!

13.20h – Does everyone know I just went to the gym! Because they should! I hope they know!

13.30h – Good, now I can, not go to the gym for the rest of the week.

I hope you liked my moment where I try to be funny!

What are some of the thoughts you have on your way to the gym?



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