This month I was basically on a spending ban, yes – sad times.  So as expected today’s roundup will be short, sweet and to the point.  Which come to think about it might be quite refreshing to all my readers since you will enjoy a rumbling free review for ones.  Or will you? Muhahaha . You might have noticed I am in a kind of a funky mood, maybe because we are finally, actually getting to enjoy the autumn, cooler months. I have a bit of my energy back and I am starting to work on getting into shape. Which is leading me to our first subject of this post and first item from my MONTHLY FAVORITES for September .

The Skinnytaste Cookbook; Light On Calories, Big On Flavor by Gina Homolka – Now, this is what I call a presentation. I love the idea of eating healthy, but having a nice flavor with that low calories meal. I was looking for a cooking book to help me with my inspiration for a while. But I have been reading Gina Homolka’s blog for a long time and I decided to finally invest in her debut book. I was so happy with this decision. The book looks lovely and I have already market like twenty recipes for future reference. Worth every euro.


Queen Helene Facial Masque, Mint Julep – Having a mask on my monthly favorites is starting to look like a tradition. But pampering myself with some clay goodness is one of my favorite past times when I take a bath. So naturally I enjoy having lots of options. When one of my favorite Youtubers – Learnningtobefearless talked about it on couple of her vlogs I decided to try it too. The mask claims to absorbs the excess oil and help minimize appearance of pores. It is a very thick consistency and has a super strong minty smell. When applied it does sting a lot for the first couple of seconds, but as I said I do like it this way. I know – I am weird. After using it my face feels clean and I do notice a reduction of the black heads. Considering the price I would say it is a very good mask for drawing impurities from the pores. Plus it is a cruelty – free product.

Porte Baisers the liquid lipstick from Etam (04 Red Tango) – I was not too keen on their AroMist foundation but those lipsticks… They are definitely the My endless love for liquid lipsticks with a matte finish strikes again and I could not have walk out of the shop without trying out one of those beauties. I wanted a red, but since I usually go for the deeper ones, this time I picked up this peppery hot number. The pigmentation is amazing. It glides on the lips like butter and to my surprise did not dry them at all. I would recommend using pencil, before putting it on but other than that the lipstick stayed on my lips and didn’t budge at all. I will definitely be buying more shades to try and expect a more into depth review.


Samples of the: Mint Masque, Etam liquid lipstick – red tango, Viva Brasil nail polish and Hema top coat with glitter

Lait Parfumé So Elixir Bois Sensuel from Yves Rocher – This rich body lotion is part of a collection that is one of my favorite lines in the Yves Rocher stores. A deep and sensual aroma of patchouli, Iris and Vanilla – it was something right up my alley. The lotion is super hydrating and the aroma is very long lasting. I use it before bed and my sheets smell of its lovely sent. I love it.

Hema and Birchbox – unexpected combination for a NIGHT SKY EFFECT NAILS. My favorite here is not as much the brand as it is the combination of the two nail polishes. I have been wearing it for a while and I was not the only one that associated it with the night sky. I just thought it was an interesting idea that of course had to share with you – my beautiful readers. It is super simple. I use one coat of each. First I apply the Viva Brasil nail polish from Birchbox and then the Hema top coat with glitter. The effect is surprising and unique.

This is it folks! Talk to you soon!


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  • I love the glittery nail polish! Glitter nails are so perfect for this time of year x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic