Today we are back at it, babes. We are going for my ultimate goal to achive a natural looking and healthy skin using lighter products that will not clog out my pores. Oh, the dreams of achieving the unachievable are strong in this one. Unachievable why, you might ask? Well, this proved out to be a real task since I do have a lot of imperfection and problem areas on my face. I try to stay away from full coverage foundations as much as possible and let my skin breath.  So I naturally had to reach out for something more in the lines of CC and BB creams. I decided to pick up the ERBORIAN CC CREAM AND THE ERBORIAN BB CREAM since I am really into Korean beauty at the moment as you might have noticed.

I wanted to take a little of a different approach in this review. The last couple of years we got a huge spike in different alternatives to the simple one type of foundation we once had. When I was younger we didn’t have moisturizers, BB or CC creams. So I will admit that I did not know exactly what they were supposed to do until recently.  Which means that if you are like me, this review won’t be very helpful unless I give you a little info about the essence of those products.


First of – “BB” stands for “beauty balm”and “CC” cream stands for “color corrective”.What is the difference between BB and CC cream?  The difference is very subtle to be honest.

The CC cream is meant to brighten the skin, even the complexion, moisturize and even protect from the sun. It is supposed to have a very light consistency. On the other side the BB creams are a little bit heavier and are mostly used to provide better coverage and usually have added benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants. This means that BB creams are more suited to protect and maintain the skin. I have noticed that BB creams and tinted moisturizers tend to do the same thing, but BB creams usually have better coverage.

So now that we know what to actually expect from the products let’s see if they will cover our expectations?

Erborian cc cream


Prevents and treats the first signs of age – I definitely need more time to determine that
Protects and moisturizes – 3/5
Skin is luminous and radiant – 5/5

The Erborian CC Cream is – I always believe that a glow makes you look healthier in a second so I always tend to gravitate towards illuminating products. The cream surprised me, because it comes from the tube in a white consistency, mixed with little blue dots. The encapsulated pigment bursts when it touches the skin and adapts to its tone. Now, unfortunately I highly doubt it can suit a darker skin tones. But for my light complexion it worked pretty well. I must say that I loved the subtle glow it gave my skin. It looked natural and I loved the effect. The Erborian CC cream had a light texture and was really fast- absorbing.

Here is the tricky part. Couple of times due to my skin insisting in getting dry patches it did crumble a little around my mouth. Nothing major, but I was still kind of bummed. I am honestly happy to overlook this little set up since it does work wonderful on the other parts of my face. Also it looks the bomb with some blush, highlighter and a bit of concealer under the eyes.

Price: 45ml – 38, 90 Euro / 15ml – 17, 90 Euro

erborian bb cream 5 in 1


Evens skin tone and “camouflages” the imperfections – 4/5
Moisturizes and nourishes – 5/5
Gives effect “baby skin” touch perfect – 5/5
Imperfections erased, refined skin texture – 4/5

I noticed that the Erborian BB cream was something I was really reaching for the last month. My skin is getting drier because of the weather changes and the cream works wonderful with it. The BB cream gives a nice coverage and helps mask the imperfections. It is also super easy to apply and to blend. I like that you don’t need a lot to get a nice even layer. This means it won’t feel greasy and I enjoy the feeling of not having tons of makeup on my face. It also gives a nice velvety finish. I would say it did not have very long lasting powers though I was ok with the time it did stay on my skin.

Price: 45ml – 35, 90 Euro / 15ml – 15, 50 Euro


Keep in mind neither the BB nor the CC creams are foundations. You cannot expect a full coverage from those products. They are meant only to correct and better the skin, not to fully get rid of the imperfections.


The Erborian brand, “Oriental Herbs”, was born in 2007 from the encounter of two women – experts in the field requiring cosmetics. Erborian combines the power of textures and effectiveness of the Korean ingredients and French know-how. The merger of these two experts delivers immediately visible results for a visibly perfect skin.

So, what do you think about those products? Do you have a favorite BB or CC cream?


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