Birchbox France for the month of October is here. And I cant wait to tell you about all the goodies I discovered inside

Well, good job on being on time with this review (I said to myself ironically). Truth to be told, I can make an excuse or we can all just move on and gather around while I talk about BIRCHBOX FRANCE for October. Better late than never, as they say.

Now, I don’t consider myself a very fancy person. I am not particularly hard to please. But this month’s Birchbox really hit it home for me.  I loved each and every product they put inside the little peachy goodness that was the October’s box.


SCHMIDT’S NATURAL DEODORANT – Lets kick it off with my favorite item inside the box this time. So, here is the thing – brace yourselves, because I am about the do my best trick – overshare. I need a good deodorant. It is just genetics, people. When I say “need”, I mean it. When I pulled out this cute little stick I was so stoked to discover what the product is all about. The best part of Schmidt’s deodorant – it is natural. It does not contain any of those pesky parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol and phthalates. It provided me with amazing protection and I felt fresh and cool thanks to the added help of shea butter, baking soda and arrowroot powder.

The deodorant comes in the form of a dry, hard-ish substance and sinks into the skin immediately, leaving behind just the amazing herbal smell (in my case- lavender and sage).

Price: 92g/ 10,44 euro/ 11, 66 euro


EMBRYOLISSE CALMIG MICELLAR LOTION – This micellar water is suitable for people with very sensitive eyes and skin. The lotion has an amazing, flowery aroma that lingers on the face and it is a real pleasure to use. Works great at removing makeup and the impurities, leaving the skin nice and fresh. It did not dry it all, which is something I had trouble with other micellar water in the past. It did not irritate my skin at all, nor did it leave it oily. The cornflower water, chamomile and witch hazel ensures eye tolerance.

Price: 250ml/ 8, 42 euro / 9,90 euro


VASANTI BRIGHTENUP EXFOLIATING CLEANSER – As always, Birchbox added an exfoliating product to the box. I have so many now, but this one definitely stands out as it actually works wonderful. The consistency of the micro – crystals is just perfect to achieve the feeling of well exfoliated and cleansed skin. They are supposed to mimic a professional microdermabrasion, which I thought was super cool. My face was left with a thin film that almost felt like it moisturized it which might be thanks to the aloe vera and the coconut oil that it contains. I was interested to find that it also has papaya enzymes that are supposed to “nibble” the dead skin and brighten up the face. Yet again the smell of it was so rich and nice, which makes it feel even more luxurious.

Price: 120g/ 29,75 euro /35 euro


PARLOR MOISTURIZING AND REPARING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER – A shampoo and conditioner duo, made for damaged and dry hair with the beautiful aroma of peach, freshly cut grass and white wood. I have not yet tried this product but I will attest that this combination of smells it really a winner. Formulated without paraben and sulfate, it is perfect for weakened or colored hair. The ingredients are supposed to strengthen and gently cleanse the hair.

Price 236 ml/ 16, 15 euro/ 19 euro


IBY BEAUTY ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH – An amazing brush with super soft and fluffy ends. The brush, helps applying blush with precision, since it has a very nice size. It is also very gentle, so it does not disturbed the already applied products. It has a cute girly design and I noticed I have been reaching for the brush quite often this last month.

Price: 18, 70 euro / 22, 00 euro

In conclusion I would say this is the best scented box I have ever had from Birchbox. A great month topped with some pretty awesome products, that I enjoyed using a lot. I will be purchasing that deodorant for sure so keep an eye for more thoughts on this product if you are interested.


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  • It’s been a long time since I ordered a beauty box. You got some pretty amazing products here, I love to discover new products and brands!


    • I loved this months addition. This is the Birchbox for France, but I think some of the products you can get anywhere!

  • I love how birchbox always introduces new brands so you can discover more amazing products!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Yes, they always have ssomething fun to show us.