Birchbox France for the month of November is here. And I cant wait to tell you about all the goodies I discovered inside

Another exciting month full of beauty is upon us. I have a special kind of love for November as it is the month that yours truly was born on. As a matter of fact I just adore everything about it – the fall, the leaves, the pumpkins…. Oh, the joy. Speaking of happy occasions (of which I have plenty this month) I got my BIRCHBOX FRANCE at the beginning of the month and who will believe that I will actually make a post of it at the first part of November?! Wow, just wow! A proud moment indeed.

LA BOX A BRODER comes with a fun idea woven into it. The creators of BIRCHBOX FRANCE let us explore our creativity and make our box just a little more special and personal by embroidering it ourselves. As you might know I like to use some of the more interesting boxes for decoration around my room, so I am looking forward for some embroider action.

As usual inside the box I got five products for the price of 13 Euro:


AMIKA- Nourishing Mask with super fruit sea buckthorn berry for intense conditioning and repair. It is suitable for all hair types.

Its natural ingredients penetrate the fiber, repair split ends, while giving shine and flexibility to the hair. It is has omegas 3,6, 9 and the rare Omega 7, especially beneficial to the skin, nails and hair. The omegas 7 have anti-radical action and boost collagen production.

First of all I loved the smell of the mask. It is luxurious and deep. The Amika Nourishing Mask leaves the hair with an amazing aroma for a long time, without making it feel heavy. The texture is rich and creamy so ‘a little goes a long way’ is in full power here. I was in need of a good hair mask since I started colouring my hair in a darker colour and you can see each and every split end. Even after the first use my hair came out silky and shiny and the ends did look like they were in a better condition. After my shower the hair was super easy to detangle even when it was still completely wet.

* I would not recommend applying at the roots, even though they suggest it if you have greasy hair like mine.

– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Price: 29 Euro

A little about the brand: Amika was founded in 2007 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  They try to have a very different approach to their products. I find their style and branding super cute and fun, just as they intend it to be. Also they seemed obsessed with using the Sea Buckthorn Berry that has an amazing array of helpful effects. Their products are vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free and free from sulfates, MIT, MCI, Phthalates and artificial colors.


REN – Revitalising night cream – I was super excited when I saw this 15ml sample in my box. I have heard only good things about this brand and I always wanted a taste of it. It seemed like a brand with a good price/quality range and it was on my list for a while now. It also came a good time since I just turned 30, so I do have to think about upping my anti- ageing products game.

An effective anti-aging complex derived from the bark of Boswella Serrata that smooths wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C orange , which brings a maximum of brilliance and illico stimulates collagen production .

I always like to research a product before I use it. I quickly discovered that Ren’s revitalising night cream is one of their first and best seller products. And I can see why. The smell is a little weird for me; it is not bad at all though. I would say it reminds me of pines. The cream is on the thicker side but is easily absorbed by the skin.  I do believe a thicker consistency is a positive thing for a night cream. After use the skin is softer, nourished and looks and feels healthier. I even would go as far as to say it had a positive effect on the condition of my pores.

Price: 45 Euro


ERBORIAN – Bamboo matter lotion – Pore minimizing powder effect lotion.

This bamboo-based lotion moisturizes your skin while helping reduce excess sebum and the appearance of pores. It works in two stages First, a water-based phase infused with bamboo, which is known for its hydrating benefits, brings moisture to the skin. Next, the powdery phase helps reduce shine by absorbing the oil without drying out skin for a perfect, matte finish while helping to tighten and minimize the appearance of pores.

I have loved the Erborian brand for quite some time now. I really wanted to try this lotion and I was thrilled that I got to do it this month. The Erborian Bamboo matter lotion is in milky, liquid consistency and has a nice fresh scent to it. You have to shake it before use so all of the ingredients mix together. After applying it my skin felt cleaner and refreshed. Unfortunately did not notice a big change when it comes to the reducing of the pores. But the skin itself had a nice matte finish, which I am guessing is due to the mattifying powder. By using this product before applying my makeup to prep my skin, I felt like it did help me with the excess sebum without drying it down. I will highly suggest this product if you are battling with an oily skin. Works beautifully.

– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Price: 29 Euro


ANATOMICALS – Citrus Body Scrub – After the cherry body lotion that I got couple of months ago I wanted more of this line. This time I got to test their body scrubs and I was a bit disappointed. The gel consistency and the scent were lovely, but it lacked at the scrub part. I didn’t like the feel of the granules – they were too big and not enough for me to have any effect on the skin.

Price: 6 Euro


LAQA & CO – Eyelighter – A beautiful highlighting colour. It has a nice, intense sparkle to it that makes any look a little bit fancier and fresher. It has a comfortable, creamy texture. As you know I always enjoy eyeshadows that come in a stick-like packaging since they are easy to store. I think this one will not only be great for an eyeshadow base but also a cheek highlighter. Be mindful if you use it on the whole lid though, because they are not easy to blend, but they have an amazing staying powers.

Price: 12 Euro

This month’s BIRCHBOX FRANCE had some really high points in the skincare department that I was supper thrilled about. Also I appreciate that they made it not only useful but fun. What i more I cannot wait for December and OMG CHRISTMAS!


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