Birchbox France for the month of December is here. And I cant wait to tell you about all the goodies I discovered inside

Ah, December is upon us and lights, sparkles and glitter are basically everywhere (what cool names for a band of unicorns though, no?). Usually I am not one that minds all of the above, but this year I have been struggling to find my “Christmas spirit”. This honestly is kind of weird because I am one of those people that take out the Christmas tree the first day of December. I guess I have been lacking a little inspiration as you might have noticed on the blog.  I really hope I am out of the slump though, as I have been to Berlin the last week and the change of scenery really did help some with my lost muse to create and write.

To kick off this month I decided to start with our favorite BIRCHBOX FRANCE for the month of December. This month’s Birchbox appeared in a gorgeous box in beautiful combination of red, dusty pink and burgundy, accompanied with a little pouch where all the products were snuggled. As you know I love talking about packaging and this one was really an interesting and a bold move color wise in my opinion. But it really works. And it makes the box a little more unique, just like the month of December is. The products inside also did not disappoint and I must say I loved each and every one of them this month. So shall we take a closer look?

SABON – BODY CREAM WITH ROSE TEA – I was so happy when I saw this cute little jar of goodness in my Birchbox, purely because the aroma is based on roses. I have been obsessing about everything rose- scented for a while now and this body cream was just perfect for me. During the winter my skin gets so super dry that a compactly packaged product for the body like this one is a welcome gift. Enriched with olive and avocado oil, a cocktail of omega 3, 6 and 9, A and E vitamins – it is a perfect way to give back some softens and vitality to your skin. The mousse- like consistency of the body cream sinks so easily, leaving is soft and gently scented. I loved how quickly the product was absorbed and did not leave my skin oily.

To please everyone, Sabon declined its range in several flavors that will delight your senses: Patchouli-Lavender-Vanilla (signature fragrance brand), Rose-Tea, Jasmine, Musk or Lavender, Apple and Golden Iris (with glitter !).  This body cream formulated without parabens or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), is designed for daily use on all skin types.

Price: 200ml/ 23.50 €

POLAAR – THE GENUIN LAPLAND HAND CREAM – If I was Santa I would for sure be happy to have this little tube in my pocket whilst driving around in the cold. A perfect wintery concoction made with arctic berries extract and Shea butter that helps keep your hands nice and moisturized. It has a rich consistency and light, clean scent. I like how the cream leaves a thin, protective film on the hand. You can feel it on your skin, but it does not feel oily or heavy at all. It is free of paraben, alcohol or mineral oil.

Price: 75ml/ 16.90 Euro

INSTITUDE ARNAUD – PEARL & CAVIAR EYE CONTOUR MASK –  Ok, how fancy does this sound?! Pearl and Caviar? So what is this mask all about? I have never tried something like this to be honest. But I loved the concept of it – fighting with the fatigue and reducing the puffiness.

It contains synergetic activators in a balm which, when applied to eyes and left in place for a few minutes, relieves tiredness and effectively soothes eyes from the very first application.
Enriched in cultured pearl and caviar, this precious mask also provides true anti-aging care which smooths and plumps the skin.

The mask consists of a very light cream. When applied I felt like it had a little bit of a cooling affect which is always pleasant. It sank into the skin pretty fast too.

Price: 20ml/ 26.60 Euro

LOG – ULTRA GLOSS LIP PENCIL IN PUNCH LINE – I have talked about Birchbox’s own brand – Love of color before. I was happy with the light, natural pinky color I got in my box. The gloss is not super shiny; I would say it has more of a satin finish. I like it, because there is nothing worse than a sticky gloss in winter when you have your scarf on. Also I have loved a more natural look recently and this pencil is perfect for it.

Sorry for the eyeliner on my fingers, Ooopsss!

Price: 10. 50 Euro

CIATÉ LONDON – FIERCE FLICKS FELT LINER – A super easy to use – for either bolder or more natural looking eyeliner. The color is deep and a true black, that dried up matte. I was impressed of how well it held up during the day. Definitely something I am happy to have in my beauty bag as eyeliners are never enough in my book.

Price: 16 Euro

So here you go my, lovelies. A very good end of the year for Birchbox France. I cannot wait to see what is coming for NEW YAER.

What do you think of the products? Which one you would try if you could?!

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  • i haven’t considered a beauty subscription service in ages and i’m pretty sure birchbox is actually not available where i live but i love the lip colour on you.

    • Thank you! Yes, it is a fun way to find new products. 🙂