Hello, my little candy canes! How is your December going? To be honest, I am still missing any kind of enthusiasm for the upcoming Holidays, which is so not me! Recently I have been feeling a lot more anxious and I had some anxiety episodes, which might be the problem.  But no matter how I feel, I always want to come and share things with you. Today will be a short one, but the product I am going to talk about is so good, I just wanted to put it in its own article.  So, let me get to the point – SCHMIDT’S DEODORANT and OMG how happy I am that we met! It was a love from first sight you guys!

I was firstly introduced to this brand through my Birchbox  subscription. Since I am always on the hunt for a good deodorant, as it is a basic of a great importance – I was excited to try it.

I like to use as much as possible of natural products. This is not easy, especially when it comes to deodorants since they never actually work. You might know, artificial deodorants are not the best thing you can use over this part of your body. So I was super interested to find out if an all – natural deodorant, without aluminium, parabens, phtalates and gluten would actually work on your girl.

After checking out how much hormones, preservative and heavy metals just a regular, well- known brands have I was shocked to be honest. Not only were they super unhealthy for my body, but I have noticed that they just stop working after a while. I have been using SCHMIDT’S DEODORANT for two months now and it is still going strong. I use it when I go out for the day, or at the gym and it never fails me.
SCHMIDT’S DEODORANT comes in couple of different packages: They have the standard stick one, but they also have these super cute jars that come in different sizes and I love them. The jar comes with a little spatula so you keep it hygienic.

The consistency of the product is a very thick and it basically feels and looks like a smooth, dry deodorant. It is easy to apply, easy to absorb, non-oily or sticky as well. SCHMIDT’S DEODORANT comes in an insane scent range (for a natural product). I have tried the lavender + sage and the ylang- ylang + calendula so far. I am going for the rose+ vanilla next (surprise, surprise).

So, yes! This is really a game – changer for me. I am so happy I finally found a reliable all- natural deodorant. I can finally cut out some of that nasty chemical stuff for at least this part of my body and still smell fresh ass rain. Plus it is cruelty – free too!

What do you think about all- natural deodorants? Have you tried any that work?

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