Problems I have as a Plus Size Girl

Here we go again. So, have you ever been in one of those situations in which you are minding your own business and then… BAM someone says something and you think to yourself „Is this really happening to me?” I have. What do you mean you ask? Ladies, let’s talk about RIDICULOUS THINGS I HEAR AS A PLUS SIZE GIRL!

  1. You should take what you got

No, actually I should take what I want, what I feel is right for me, who I feel is right for me. It might surprise a lot of people, but being a plus size person doesn’t make you some desperate, horny girl by default. I know, shocking! You want to hear something even more shocking – there are men out there that do not give a shit that you have a little more meat on your bones (as rare as they are) and want to be with you for the simple fact that you are an attractive woman with awesome personality to add to that perfect package that you are.

  1. You suck at any kind of activity

While I might not be the sportiest person out there I am by far not the worst at exercising. Being on the heavier side has its challenges, but it is more about the kind of sport you want to practice and what is suitable for you (isn’t it the same for everyone though). But if you are here to tell me that the average person, that has the average dose of activity in their average day is more capable then me to go through that Hit Cardio class… I kindly (not that kindly to be honest) invite you to join me next time so I can show you a thing or two.

  1. You would be so much prettier if you lose 10 kg

Ah, this is classic. I swear that there is not a plus size girl in this world that hasn’t heard this golden line of total bullshit. You have an opinion on my looks, which is cool (I mean free world and all that) , but just do everyone a favor and also be a decent human being and keep it to yourself. I happen to think that beauty is something very different for everyone, so if I am not your cup of tea, just go with your merry life, without giving me your beauty advice, thank you very much.

  1. You are a hypocrite (Because you say you accept your body, but you are trying to lose weight)

I have a question for you judgy know-it-alls? Imagine this: you have a cool job and a nice house with a new car in front of it. You are happy with your life, you love it. Are you actually going to tell me you would never strive to better it even more? Because I call bullshit on this right here! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier and feel better.

  1. We don’t have your size (this one comes with a healthy dose of the stink eye)

Well, I can just pull out some statistics here and be done with it, but no. It will just be too easy. Let me tell you this though. I have girlfriends that are not in any way plus size and they STILL have the same problem to this day. Something is really wrong with this world if a girl that is 60kg is considered a XL size. And to be honest I do not want to wear anything from a company that believes that degrading women and making them feel like they are less just because they don’t fit into their perfect, little size two dresses. You know what this kind of company politics sounds to me – a high school bully with a huuuuge complex (and a little lacking in some more personal departments too). And we all know where they all end up – sad and lonely, working at some forgotten 7/11, soooo good luck with that. I will just wait and let evolution and karma deal with your kind.

In conclusion let me leave you with this. As a plus size woman I deal with a lot of bullshit and people that tell me things “for my own good”. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I have people in my life that are close enough to me and have earned the right to come and tell me that the new green jacket I bought looks awful on me. But this is a privilege, not something a random person, I met two hours ago can say. What today’s society should understand is that not every plus size girl needs saving. We are not here for your entertainment. Don’t try to put us down just because you think we should feel bad about ourselves all the time. And to my fellow curvy babes I will say this – next time some “well-intentioned” smartass makes you feel like you don’t belong, just smile, turn around with your head high, show them that sexy behinds of yours and walk away – they don’t deserve your time.


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Denis Day

A lover of all things beautiful. I try to write about my life, my passion for beauty and my experience being a plus size girl.