As the summer is starting to gain power, scorching the ground we all walk on – I find myself more and more drawn to anything that can offer me a steady temperature of 17 degrees (Am I thinking of vampires? Maybe!) Spending time inside, where it is nice and cool is not something I am against. Actually, I quite like my indoors time, to be honest. But, as every grown up with somewhat of a life and responsibilities –  I have to brace myself and leave the house once in a while. Of course in any such endeavor, this begs the question- what should I wear? Browsing around the net I, of course, stumbled on many of the latest trends. Everything was bright, as it should be with summer clothes. But there was also a new (well, kind of) style that definitely caught my eye and if you have visited a fashion site the last couple of months you probably know what it is – Embroidery!

You might say I am a little late on this one, but what is new?! Still, I wanted to share some of the pieces I found and loved, lusted upon and begged the fashion gods to send to my door. As almost everything in fashion (that is acceptable to wear outside), embroidery is not something new. It has a long history. Evidence of embroidery was found in China and dated to the 5th–3rd century BC. It was also a huge thing during the Medival times in the Islamic world and knowing how to do embroidery was a sign of a high status in the society. For me personally, it also has a meaning as I can remember my grandmothers practicing this form of art often. So you see, it is not just a fashion statement. It is a culture, a form of expression and it does not surprise me that it was adopted by the modern designers and poured into our day to day clothing.

The embroidery is a perfect way to add some special detailing and color, ideal for the summer. It also gives the possibility to go wild with your imagination. But let get to the most interesting part.



Plus size and urvy Girls Fashion

I loved the Boohoo Plus size top because it looked a bit different than most of the embroidered blouses. It gave me more of a smart vibe and I thought it would look lovely if you are working woman and you want to add a little bit of color and fun to an outfit. The classic white shirt is “broken” by the interesting cut and the 3/4 wide sleeves. The embroidery looks beautiful and it is not in your face.

The River Island top embodies all of the trend of this summer – pink, cold shoulder and embroidery. You can not get something more fashionable even if you tried. I know that the pink and red roses are a bit of a brave combination, but honestly, I think it just works here. The blouse looks so romantic and dainty, ideal for a date night!

This New Look top is simply gorgeous. I can see myself wearing it on a night out. It is sexy and girly at the same time. I love the combination of colors on the top of the transparent material. If you feel a little bit naughty you can even wear it with a colorful bra and be the center of attention.




Plus size

As most of the Plus Size girls with my build, I have the dilemma of wanting to show my shoulders but not wanting to show my arms. Well, turned out that there is a solution with the off-shoulder dresses. When I saw this little black number from Missguided I immediately imagined myself with it. As you might know, I love black, but the huge, rose embroidery in the middle just spoke to me. I would wear this dress on a night out with a red lipstick and have the time of my life.

If I ever dream of being a princess – this dress from New Look would be on the spot for me. It looks so delicate with the soft pink and the gorgeous tiny flowers embroidery. If you are invited to a summer wedding this season I would strongly consider this piece.

When I saw the this Daisy Street dress the first thing that went through my head was that it looked so different. Stripes with embroidery? Surprisingly it looks really cute! Also the fact that the embroidery itself is placed on the elbows it quite interesting. The dress is ideal for someone who loves to be comfy but fashionable as well.




Plus Size

Since I always opt for my clothes to be easy to wear and comfy I am totally obsessed with T-shirts during the summer months. They go with everything – from jeans to shorts, skirts and everything in between. The selection of T-shirts on the internet is huge, but I went for the black, Boohoo one because I just had to have something with the color of my soul. Just kidding, or am I? But in all seriousness, I loved this shirt first of because I really adore the embroidery – it is just big and intriguing enough to have that wow factor, but it is not in your face, thanks to the muted color palette. Also, I really enjoy these kinds of “bat sleeves” in the summer, since they keep me cooler.

My next choice was the Forever 21 white Tee with those amazing birds embroidery. I just love the blues on the white fabric. Plus the T-shirt’s material looks very nice and thick, which means it will look smooth and suits me well.

Now, I know this is technically not a T-shirt, but I loved the flowy feel the shirt has. I am really into the pattern of the embroidery on this one. Combined with a red lip, this super simple top, could look amazing and can easily become one of my summer nights out go-to’s.




plu size

As we all know no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. If you are not a fan of colorful clothes, you might consider adding some spirit to your outfit of choice for the day through accessories such as handbag or shoes. I choose to show you the BonPrix’s new additions in their handbag department. The first, one I loved because of the cute, little flamingos. I think it will be perfect for the beach. It is spacious and at the same time will be very easy to clean. I really fell in love with the small, embroidered bag. To me, it has this old-fashioned vintage feel. Probably because of the round shape. I just adore it and will for sure try to make it a part of my wardrobe. It will steal the show.

You might not know this but I am not a big fan of heels. I am 174 centimeters tall so I don’t need help in that department. However, those little, white shoes from Miss Selfridges just made me smile when I saw them. They look fun and are so out there that they actually work for me. They seem like the perfect way to jazz up a more casual outfit.

Let me know which item was your favorite,, babes!




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